Case Studies

Examples of how we have supported customers with their MBE and MOCVD requirements.

GaAs/AlAs DBRs – Wafer Mapping

~100% Reflectivity,  & Excellent Uniformity MOCVD grown DBRs, developing our VECSEL technologies, were assessed in terms of wafer uniformity. Excellent…

Advanced InP Re-Growth

InP photonic crystal surface emitting laser (PCSEL) Very high aspect ratio features Significant experience and research in MOCVD epitaxial re-growth…

InP Buried-Heterostructures

This core MOCVD technology is applied to InP devices and PICs for engineering symmetric far-fields, ensuring efficient heat-extraction, and in…

InP DFB Re-Growth

Iteration of MOCVD epitaxial re-growth, TEM structural characterisation, and device test of re-grown devices allows process development and transfer to…


AlSb/GaInSb RCLED at ~4.25µm Broad area lasers have exhibited Jth=1.3 kAcm-2 In order to maximise extraction efficiency and engineer a…

Low Density Quantum Dots

Single InAs QD required for physics studies Vary QD density across wafer by stopping rotation of wafer Phys. Rev. Lett.…

InSb Photo-Pixel & GaAs MESFET

AlInSb photo-detector GaAs MESFET GaAs substrate Xie, C., et al. (2015) . IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 62(12), pp. 4069-4075.…

Multi-Spectral MIR LED

4x Colour MIR LED Grown on GaAs APL 111, (10),  102102.   DOI: 10.1063/1.4986396 To allow future integration with GaAs based…

MIR LEDs & Photodiode – On Silicon

Full p-i-n structure grown on Si Electroluminescence ~4.25 μm III-V epitaxy on silicon processes have been developed to produce antimonide…

AlInGaAsSb Inter-band Lasers

Preliminary results – RT operation demonstrated With the R&D team of a leading laser manufacturer, we developed MBE epitaxial processes…

MBE Capabilities

VEECO GEN3 Systems Group III: Ga In and Al Group V : As, Sb, P Dopant : Si,Te (n), Be…

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