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We specialise in novel III-V epitaxial structures for small volume manufacturing and research and development projects, providing custom epitaxial growth and overgrowth of arsenic, antimony and phosphorous containing structures via MOVPE and MBE.  We service academic and industrial partners around the world in the electronics and photonics markets.



We have wide ranging capabilities in epitaxial structures to realise laser, LED, photo-detector, HEMT, QCL, and RTD structures.

Examples include:

  • Bespoke quantum well and quantum dot structures for photonics research in AlGaAs, InGaAs, InGaP, AlInGaP, InGaAsP, AlGaAsSb, GaInAsSb, and AlInGaAs materials. 

  • Epitaxial regrowth via MOVPE of InP and GaAs structures such as DFBs and buried-heterostructure lasers.

50, 75, and 100 mm diameter substrates can be processed.

We also offer a range of wafer metrology, and epitaxial structure design services.


Examples of Epitaxy

InP/InGaAs regrowth test-structure of an etched feature to develop a buried-heterostructure process.

MBE grown AlInGaAs based quantum cascade laser structure.


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