We have an extensive suite of epitaxial growth tools - including MBE and MOCVD, wafer characterisation equipment, and extensive experience of design for manufacture.

III-V Epi has the following MBE and MOCVD capabilities:

Current MBE and MOCVD tool configurations:

Epitaxy TechnologyWafer SizeAlloysDopantsEpitaxy on Si?
AlGaInAsSbPSi, Te, BeYes – High Temperature Capability
AlGaInAsPSi, Zn, C, FeYes – High Temperature Capability

We have high resolution X-Ray Definition (XRD), Hall-effect, and eCV measurements that allow structural and electrical charactersiation, backed up by strong links to external partners for TEM, SIMS, etc.

Our optical characterisation techniques span the UV to Mid-IR spectral ranges, with photoluminescence (PL) and reflectivity mapping, low temperature PL wafer mapping and micro-PL mapping.

We have a number of device-level metrology and charcaterisation test services available.

Our MBE capabilities:

Our equipment and material capabilities include:

  • VEECO MBE Reactors
  • Up to 4″ / 100mm
  • Up to 1200C
  • III-V on Silicon
  • Group III : Ga, In, Al
  • Group V : As, Sb, P
  • Dopant : Si,Te (n), Be (p)

Our expertise includes:

  • Sb based LEDs, LDs, PDs
  • InP and GaAs HEMTs
  • Quantum Cascade Lasers
  • Quantum dot structures

Our MOCVD capabilities:

Our equipment and material capabilities include:

  • Aixtron Reactors
  • Up to 4″ / 100mm
  • InP regrowth
  • GaAs regrowth
  • InGaAsP alloys
  • AlGaAsInP alloys

Our expertise includes:

  • Red-NIR (630-1700nm) LEDs, LDs, PDs
  • GaAs based VCSELs, VECSELs
  • Re-growth of InP and GaAs – DFBs, Buried Heterostructures, Selective Area Growth

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