Professor Richard Hogg

Chief Technical Officer

Professor Richard Hogg received his PhD in semiconductor physics from The University of Sheffield, specialising in III-V structures and materials. Richard was appointed as a researcher at NTT Basic Research Laboratories (Atsugi, Japan), conducting research on rare-earth doped semiconductors. He followed that with a year based at The University of Tokyo, Institute for Industrial Science, studying Sb based, self-assembled, quantum dots by MBE.

Richard returned to the UK working at Toshiba Cambridge Research Laboratories on a range of III-V semiconductor devices, before spending three years at Agilent Technologies, Ipswich. Agilent was, at that time, the highest volume III-V facility in Europe and Richard was responsible for wafer characterisation outputs on seven, MOCVD reactors, developing and manufacturing InP and GaAs optical components.

He is now head of The Electronic and Nanoscale Engineering Division at the University of Glasgow, and is actively involved with a number of high-growth photonics companies.

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